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Thanks for sparing the time to take a look at my Beatles blog where the emphasis is on all aspects of the band’s links (alleged or otherwise) to what can be best described as the “occult,” a word that can mean, not revealed (secret), not easily apprehended or understood, hidden from view (concealed), communicated to the initiated; esoteric, or involving or relating to mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practises, or phenomena. All these dictionary definitions can be applied in some shape or form to The Beatles, whether as a result of the speculation centred around their ’Satanic’/’Freemasonic’ album-cover art, or John Lennon’s suspected pact with the Devil in return for fame and fortune, or his and his band’s much-accused role in a covert US/UK-driven plot during the 1960s to destabilise western society’s youth through the promotion of mind-affecting drugs. Then of course there’s the supposed ‘death’ of Paul McCartney in 1966 resulting in one of the longest-running conspiracy theories of the modern-age, the four-decades-plus old ‘Paul is Dead’ debate – otherwise commonly referred to as, ‘P.i.D.’ These are just a few examples of the Beatles’ associations with the occult. This blog aims to explore all of them as well as many, many others.

You might have heard or come across another website of mine actually? It goes by the name of ‘Conspiro Media’? It focuses on the occult and conspiratorial world of music, movies and TV, predominantly in the form of weighty, lengthy articles. ‘The Occult Beatles’ blog however is not as heavy duty. In fact, it’s so much more laidback. Basically it’s somewhere for me to offload my regular, random thoughts on a band that initially attracted my attention as a toddler a little over forty years ago and eventually inspired me to follow a life in music as a club and radio DJ. There will be the odd essay of the long-lasting kind published here every now and again, but, in the main, most of my posts will be brief, and sometimes based on nothing more than a hunch I might have had or a fleeting thought that morphed into a loose theory, one that might only require a couple or so paragraphs or half a dozen photos and nothing else. It really is that laidback here.

Before I sign off by the way, I think I should let you know briefly where I stand with regards to P.i.D. Well, I’m not entirely convinced with it as it goes, and for reasons that I’ll go into every now and again on the site when the need be. The reason I’m raising this here and now in particular is for the sake of clarity. You see, I want you to know that, on the blog, when I’m referring to the post-1966 Paul, I do actually mean the real bona fide Paul – not ‘Faul,’ or Billy Shears or William Campbell or any other moniker alleged to have been adopted by the impostor(s) who supposedly took over from the “dead” one. Please also be aware that my mind remains open here. Should I ever come across any information that leaves me with no choice but to modify my views on P.i.D., then I will. The fact is, this site isn’t tying its flag to any one particular theory on anything and there will be times, actually, when I’ll be posting information from fellow bloggers, pundits and theorists that I won’t necessarily agree with. However, if it’s relevant to ‘The Occult Beatles,’ it’s in.

I hope you’re ‘in’ too and that you‘ll join me on this Magical Mystery journey. Please do feel free to comment, share and subscribe.


Matt. (‘The Occult Beatles’).