John Lennon and the ‘Truth Movement’ according to researcher Chris Everard. WhatEVER is going on here, then?…

Please pardon me if the following information is already known to you, I wouldn’t want to waste your time reading it, but it really is new to me…

Just a couple of weeks ago whilst I was search-engine surfing in an altogether random and loose nature, I happened to stumble quite accidentally upon a YouTube video dated from 2014 and titled ’John Lennon and the Truth Movement.’ Upon closer inspection I discovered that it was a radio-interview with Chris Everard, the author and documentary-maker who’s known for his reports into UFOs, secret societies, the so-called ‘paranormal,‘ and the alleged dark deeds of the British Royal Family – including the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Appetite suitably whetted by the prospect of listening to – I presumed – a one hour-plus commentary and analysis of Lennon’s long-documented stand against the malevolent machinations of The Establishment, I pressed ‘play’ and sat back. Unfortunately, twenty five or so minutes into the interview, and with no mention yet of anything in the slightest related to ‘Beatles,’ I realised that it probably wasn’t going to happen. In an increasingly impatient manner I must confess, I skimmed through the remaining forty or so minutes of Everard’s chatter in a bid to locate any reference to the actual title of the video, but still, nothing. Admittedly, it could be that, in my impatience, I missed something along the way, but even if that was the case, it certainly wouldn’t have been lengthy enough to warrant the interview being billed as, ‘John Lennon and the Truth Movement’…

I was promptly inspired to dig a little deeper to discover why Chris Everard was being so closely aligned to John Lennon in that video-title… Surely it wasn’t just a random happening?

Well… apparently not. Everard, according to his official website, is planning to make a film titled ’John Lennon & the Truth Movement’ – with our help that is. Yes, chuck in a donation from between $5 to a whopping $5,000 and you can assist in turning this project into a reality. Your financial contribution “will be spent on principle photography, post-production, editing and distributing this film.” CE

A trailer for the proposed documentary has been available on YouTube, via Everard’s ‘EnigmaTV’ banner, since 2014 and features a clip, first seen in 1988’s motion-picture retrospective ’Imagine: John Lennon,’ in which the outspoken Rock-star reads a letter sent to him from an individual who claims to have, through the use of a ouija board, been warned by the spirit of dead Beatles manager Brian Epstein that an attempt will be made to assassinate the singer. “But that is just the start of this chilling and unusual feature-length documentary,” claims the website ’’…

“The film shows, and proves through testimonies, that the occult forces were at work in the DAKOTA apartment building – and that the lives of Yoko Ono and John Lennon have been heavily influenced by ancient Ley Lines, hauntings and spirit activity which was deliberately ‘designed-into’ the building. The British director, CHRIS EVERARD has made a large number of feature length documentaries investigating the Paranormal…

JOHN LENNON & THE TRUTH MOVEMENT is more than just a film about how the most famous man of the 20th century was assassinated- it’s about J. EDGAR HOOVER, the FBI spying on John Lennon, and how his death was pre-planned as part of the COINTELPRO espionage & assassination program.

JOHN LENNON invested his own money in a global campaign for ‘PEACE’. He kicked off a global PEACE MOVEMENT which has grown and morphed into today’s TRUTH MOVEMENT. Many people have ‘Awoken’ to the fact that many members of Congress, members of the Senate and Houses of Parliament own SHARES in companies which manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction. The reason that the world is often thrown into WAR is because every time war is declared, or a drone bombing mission is announced, the value of these shares increase. JOHN LENNON inspired today’s Truth Movement with a campaign for Peace.

John Lennon was assassinated after being the target of a spying campaign. Because the killer admitted his crime and was apprehended at the scene, no official investigation took place… Until now. This film thoroughly investigates the SATANIC RITUAL and PARANORMAL elements surrounding John Lennon’s life – and his death…

This film presents new evidence and examines the motives of senior White House, FBI & CIA officials who admit in FOIA documents that they wanted JOHN LENNON shunted out of the USA, and some of these people wished he was DEAD. Help us to finance this awesome movie about his life, expose who really assisted the killer, and give us a donation towards the production and marketing so that the message of JOHN LENNON lives on and we expose the WAR MACHINE and the glove-puppet politicians who perpetuate this terrible situation just so they can earn illicit riches.”

Read in full here:

Below, the aforementioned trailer for the proposed film:


All the above information has, I would assume from my own brief investigations, been in circulation since at least 2014 / 2013 and is, it would appear, all there is. No subsequent updates have been added it seems. As a result, I’m intrigued to know how far – if at all – Everard has come in the making of this film in the last four years or so. I did attempt to contact him via his website and his FaceBook page so that I could ask him directly but no means of communication are available on either.

My guess is as good as most people’s, but the fact that Everard’s website is asking for donations towards the making of the film suggests that, as projects go, it’s still on the table but, unless any one reading this knows any better, we can only wonder when – or if – this documentary will ever see the light of day.


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