Beatle Paeple.

For quite a time now, I’ve been rather fascinated by what I consider to be an intriguingly-high number of show-business paedophiles, alleged or otherwise, who’ve been connected personally and/or professionally to The Beatles. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this, hence one of the reasons why I’ve never raised this issue in public before either on my website/blog, ‘Conspiro Media’ or its accompanying ‘YouTube’ page, ‘ConspiroTV.’ Sure, if I’d had something of a revelatory or unique nature to bring to the subject, I would‘ve wasted little time in sharing it online. But, unfortunately, I haven’t had such a rush of inspiration. So far, my interest in this is merely based on little else but ‘a feeling.’ As a result, I‘ve kept my thoughts to myself. Be that as it may though, the number of show-biz/entertainment folk with child-abuse connections and also relations to one or more members of The Beatles has continued to grow in the meantime. Just a couple of weeks ago there were reports of a woman informing jurors in a trial in Britain that a prominent London-born music-promoter by the name of Mervyn Conn had “bragged” about knowing the band before raping her at a festival in the UK back in the 1970s when she was fifteen.

According to the UK newspaper/website ‘The Sun’ (September 29th 2016)….

The “arrogant” impresario had hired the teenager to dress as a cowgirl at a Country & Western music-festival he promoted at Wembley Arena in the 1970s, a jury heard.

Conn, now 81, name-dropped the Fab Four and US singer Crystal Gayle to the schoolgirl before forcing himself on her…

He sexually assaulted her while she wore the cowgirl outfit and her school uniform and then raped her in his marital bed with a picture of him and his wife on the bedside, it is alleged. 


Conn is accused of flaunting his Rolls Royce and expensive home to show how he “could control, manipulate and do anything he wanted.”

 The woman, now 56, broke down in tears and became extremely distressed as she recalled the alleged abuse in a video recorded police interview played to jurors. She said she was employed by Conn as a hostess in 1976, and was made to hand out brochures to festival-goers while dressed in a cowgirl uniform.

She said: “I went to an interview at his head office and was short-listed. He asked if my parents knew. I gave him my date of birth definitely.” The teen was then called back to his office for a uniform fitting, where Conn asked her to “give him a twirl.”

The woman went on: “I was working at this festival for a long weekend at Easter that year. I was standing near the entrance handing out brochures and he just appeared out of nowhere with a cloth bag and said ‘I need you to look after this for me and bring it back to my dressing room’, and gave me a time. I was by far the youngest member of staff.

When the time came I took the money and found the dressing-room. He was doing a Press-conference so I sat down and quietly waited.”

After the photographers left, Conn is said to sexually assaulted the youngster in his dressing room for two or three minutes.

She said: “It felt like an eternity. He just sort of dismissed me and said he will contact me again about the job. I stumbled out and felt in a daze and in turmoil. I remember seeing the stage, it was brightly lit. I just remember being in a complete daze. Then I saw him standing in the VIP box with his wife in black tie.”

The alleged victim said she was telegrammed and asked to go to Conn’s head office in Charing Cross, central London, on multiple occasions.

On the second visit to his office, the teen had taken a train to London after school, still dressed in her school uniform.

She said: “There was a wad of money, he took some from that and the rest he put in a wall safe like he was showing it off. And he was talking about all these people he’s promoted like he’s the big ‘I am.’”

She said Conn made her wait in his office as the rest of the staff left the building. She added: “He poured himself a big drink and talked about many people like Crystal Gayle.”

Conn then ushered the girl to “see what his desk chair felt like” and forced himself upon her yet again, the court heard.

She broke down in tears as she recalls him unbuttoning her school blouse and sexually assaulting her. She said: “He put his hands up my skirt. He was forceful and aggressive. I felt slightly bruised and shocked. It seemed to happen quite quickly.”

She said she told him she felt sick, adding: “It would have been really obvious I didn’t want it. I was not responding to anything he was doing. It was obvious I wasn’t reciprocating or enjoying it. I don’t know what I said, I think ‘I don’t like this, please stop.’ I was completely mystified as to why I was called there at all.

On her third visit to his office she said Conn insisted on taking her home so he could show off his Rolls Royce. 


The woman said: “I sat in the back thinking how ostentatious and showy it was. I hated it. It was like he was showing off his castle. I remember thinking it looked expensive but not classy – tacky.”

Instead of driving her home he took her to his gated house in Wimbledon, South West London, where he ordered her to lie in a “star shape” and raped her in his marital bed, it is alleged.

You can read the news-item in full here:

So, what exactly was (is) the impresario’s relationship with the so-called “Fab Four”? Well, according to the item from The Sun, the woman making the allegations against him informed the court that “he told me stuff about people, how he owned the rights to The Beatles songs.” This is, quite frankly, most confusing. To my knowledge, no one by the name of Mervyn Conn has ever owned the rights to The Beatles’ songs. I might be wrong of course, but, I doubt it. That then means that someone hasn’t been entirely truthful here, doesn’t it? Could it be that we’ve been spun one by the writer responsible for the above news-article? I can’t see why, quite personally. So, maybe, back there in ’76, it was the 15-year-old who was lied to before she was allegedly assaulted? Or perhaps she’s the one making it all up? If you do feel tempted to question her integrity, be aware before you do that she’s not the only woman who’s accusing Conn of sexual assault in this court-case. In 1985, nine years on from his reported attacks on her, he’s said to have “raped a 16-year-old girl at his London office.” According to a recent news-item reporting on the trial, “Conn had met her in a grocers… and gave her his number, promising concert tickets if she gave him a call. When she went to collect the ’tickets’ she was raped – but Conn would still visit her and tell her to come to his office. When questioned by police, Conn made no comment about the 16-year-old, but admitted kissing the 15-year-old after she had asked for Johnny Cash tickets.” Meanwhile, “another woman… told police Conn plunged his hands down her top and groped her breasts during a job interview in the 1970s when she was in her early 20s. She told police, ‘he was really the big guy who used to bring all the American Country-music acts over to Wembley.’ Explaining why she didn’t report the incident to the police, she added, ’I think it was because he was powerful.’”

And that’s not all… In 1989, he was sentenced to eight weeks in prison for “groping” his 19-year-old receptionist.




Interestingly, one of the above Press-cuttings states that Conn “was once guest of the US President at the White House.” In fact, he’s said so himself. He’s also claimed to have been a dinner-guest of Margaret Thatcher’s during her time as Prime Minister. He’s reported as saying, “I’m the only man I know who’s dined at the White House, Kremlin and Downing Street. Not bad for a music-promoter from the East End.” And for an alleged paedophile, not entirely surprising either. This reminds me of that no-talent radio disc-jockey, Jimmy Savile who was said to have been a friend and/or confidante, not only of top-level politicians both in the UK and abroad, but British royalty too of course. Same as Conn, he’s connected to The Beatles – as you‘re most likely aware. What you might not know is, the links that tie the band and both these men all together doesn’t stop here in the realms of randomness. Well, that’s the impression I’ve been left with after a bit of trekking on the internet, and it’s as a result of this search that I’ve also discovered what Mervyn’s said association with the group is. It seems he was responsible for helping organise their first series of live Christmas variety stage-shows in London in 1963 when he was working with theatrical-agent, Joe Collins, the father of famous novelist, Jackie and veteran actress, Joan who, you might be interested to learn, is the former wife of Ron Kass, one-time head of John, Paul, George and Ringo’s ‘Apple Records’! Small world, eh?! (Yeahright!). Any way… who was the compere of the December 1964/ January ’65 follow-up dubbed ‘Another Beatles Christmas Show’ but none other than Jimmy Savile. A regular cast-member of the previous year’s bill was Australian-born music-artist, painter, TV-host and fellow paedophile, Rolf Harris – currently serving a five-year nine-month prison sentence for – in the trial judge’s words – “committing 12 offences of indecent assault on 4 victims who were variously aged between 8 and 19…” Further still, another star of the ‘64/’65 line-up was Cilla Black the recently-deceased British television-hostess, Sixties music-performer, Beatles buddy and ex Cavern Club coat-check girl who was also a close friend of the much-maligned singer, Cliff Richard who, in recent years, has been questioned by police over historic child-sex abuse allegations.


All just a coincidence?

Well, here’s the thing; The more I delve into these connections, the more captivated I become, not only by the significantly sizeable number of known and/or alleged sexual predators and paedophiles linked to the band, but these ‘coincidences’ – if that‘s what you want to call them. Me, personally, I‘m not so sure that’s the description I’d go for. Yeah, I know, it’s a given that, back in the 1960s, the breathtakingly famous Beatles would’ve been booked to work alongside Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris because of the fact that both men were very well-known TV and radio-personalities of the time. There’s nothing unusually suspicious in that, necessarily – although you could argue as to why a pair of sex-predators such as these would have been chosen for elevation to the heights of fame and wealth in the first place. No. The band’s connections to one or two of the UK’s most famous paedophiles and sex-offenders (alleged or not, convicted or not) goes beyond the parameters of the show-biz circle, and so – in my opinion – deserves further inspection.


For the first time, I’m going to think this out loud, as it were, even though, as I noted earlier, I’ve nothing particularly Earth-shattering to disclose to you. All I have is a list of famous figures from the world of entertainment who’ve either been convicted of, or alleged or accused to have been involved in sex offences/paedophilia and who’ve also been friends of and/or worked with The Beatles.

Below, is that list. The first name in it intrigues me the most I think, because it’s the one that deviates entirely from that ‘show-biz circle’ scenario…

* Jimmy Tarbuck

Liverpudlian stand-up comedian and sometime TV-host who first shot to fame in the UK in the early 1960s when, at the age of 23, he became the youngest British comic to land his own television-series. In 2013 he was arrested over allegations of sexual-assault on a young boy dating back to the 1970s, but was released almost a year later without charge.


Tarbuck – who for a time back in the day was, I’m led to understand, dubbed a ‘fifth Beatle’ because of his mop-top haircut, Liverpool accent and trendy attire – had actually attended primary (elementary) school with John Lennon and George Harrison, both of whom were friends. “I always got on well with John,” he once recalled. “I remember him kicking a ball around with him in the playground, shouting and being daft.” After they’d all made it big and moved to London from Liverpool, there’d be parties. “John had a great party-piece,” Tarbuck has revealed. “He’d put Speed in your drink. When I was about 24 I nodded off one night at someone’s house and he stuck some in my drink. I was like a rabbit in the headlights for four days!”


After his arrest in 2013, more allegations of abuse appeared – and then promptly went away from view, or so it seems. On the David Icke web-forum, I came across what’s claimed to be a copy & paste of an article lifted from a now dead internet-link belonging to the The Sun. It reads:

Cops probe Tarbuck ‘sex attack on man No. 2’

New abuse claim

Police are investigating a second sex-assault against Jimmy Tarbuck, The Sun can reveal. 


The alleged victim, a man now aged 32, has told detectives he was abused by the comedian.

He made the new claims after reading of Tarbuck’s arrest in The Sun. 

The alleged incident is said to have happened on a golf-course near his home…

Police said: “We received an allegation…”

Similarly, contributors to the David Icke forum claim that these same allegations were also ’pulled’ from the newspaper/website ‘The Express.’ The accusations live on elsewhere. Take a look at this page from ‘’:

It might interest you to know that in recent years, Tarbuck is said to have been an active supporter of a children’s home, the ‘Refugio Aboim Ascensao.’ It’s based in Portugal – location of the Madeleine McCann incident and Cliff Richard’s overseas residence.

* Freddie Starr

Another famous Liverpudlian comedian hailing from the Beatles’ generation who’s been pulled over by police over sex-abuse allegations. In fact, between November 2012 and February 2014, he was arrested a total of four times. Then, after 18 months on bail, prosecutors announced that there was “insufficient evidence to prosecute Freddie Starr in relation to allegations of sexual offences made by 13 individuals. In relation to one further complainant, we have decided that although there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction, a prosecution would not be in the public interest.” Errrr…. Why wouldn’t it be? 


The aforementioned “complainant” was a woman by the name of Karin Ward. She claims the comedian molested her in Jimmy Savile’s BBC dressing-room in 1974 when she was just 14 years of age. She was there to participate in a television-show the DJ was hosting and that Starr was guesting on – although the comedian initially denied ever having appeared on it when the allegations were put to him in late 2012. However, footage of the programme then surfaced, clearly showing him taking part and standing within close proximity to Ward who was in the audience. His lawyers hit back, stating, “this does not detract away from the fact that Freddie vigorously denies the awful allegation that has been made by Karin Ward.” Indeed, Starr launched a libel and slander case against Ward – which he went on to lose. In dismissing the comic’s claim, the presiding High Court judge reportedly said Karin’s “words were true. She proved that it was true that he groped her – an underage schoolgirl.”

Although Starr was a popular comedian of the ‘70s and ‘80s, his career in show-biz began as a singer in Liverpool in the early 1960s. Similar to fellow Liverpudlian Jimmy Tarbuck, it’s claimed that Freddie was also once looked upon as a possible ‘fifth Beatle’ – quite literally! Here’s an article from The Express from 2012 that ran under the title, ‘The Day Freddie Starr nearly became a Beatle’:

In the early Sixties, a young singer was at the forefront of the Merseybeat revolution. Charismatic, good-looking and with a great voice, he regularly topped the bill at venues such as The Cavern Club.

Today he is better known as a madcap comedian and impressionist. Back then, however, Freddie Starr and his various bands including The Midnighters, were the biggest draw in and around Liverpool.

Freddie and The Beatles used to hang out together and, according to a schoolboy friend who later became his manager, Starr was once approached by Lennon to join The Beatles.

His boyhood friend and neighbour, Tony Cartwright recalls:

“Freddie was the first real Rock and Roll star in Liverpool…” 

When The Beatles started out, Starr was already established. For being the headline act, he and his band would get £25 – in those days a small fortune…

Further down the bill were The Beatles, one of scores of bands in Liverpool at the time. According to Cartwright, The Beatles supported The Midnighters on about 100 occasions and they all became good pals.

“Liverpool was like one big Rock and Roll family and John Lennon especially loved Freddie,” says Cartwright.

“Freddie had a great sense of humour. There were lots of pranks, which Lennon found hilarious. There was never any jealousy. In those days when The Beatles came on, people would drift off to the bar because they were there to see Freddie.”

Starr’s incredible appeal didn’t escape Lennon’s notice and John once asked Freddie to join The Beatles, reveals Cartwright.

 “Freddie just laughed,” reveals Cartwright.

“He told John, ‘listen, I’ve got my own band and I’m bigger than you.’ John also offered Freddie some of the songs he had written but Freddie didn’t like them.

“Freddie was very talented but I don’t think he could ever have become a Beatle. It would never have gelled.”

Then, a year later… The Beatles had a problem, says Cartwright.

Their drummer Pete Best fell out of favour and Lennon began looking for a new recruit. At the time, Ringo Starr was a session-drummer who performed with several bands including Freddie Starr and The Midnighters. He was a close friend and it’s claimed that Freddie even let Ringo – whose real name is Richard Starkey – share his stage surname.

Ringo jumped at the chance to join The Beatles.

Read the article in full here:

When The Beatles eventually rose to national music-stardom in Britain, Freddie and The Midnighters became their support act, as the nearby picture advertising a 1963 UK concert clearly shows. the-beatles-abc-1963-poster

According to the Express article, “when The Beatles first toured the US in 1964 there was an approach for Freddie to join them” there too. However…

He wasn’t interested, says Cartwright…

He says: “I think he got bored of the music-business. He went solo in the mid-Sixties. By then he was doing a lot of impressions. He was a variety-act in a Rock ‘n’ Roll era.”

At the height of his fame, Freddie met Elvis Presley and charmed The King with his impressions. Starr still kept in touch with Lennon and McCartney and it wasn’t unusual for Freddie to receive a telegram from the two Beatles wishing him luck before a big show.

In later years, Starr would have his Public Relations handled for him by a notorious individual by the name of…

* Max Clifford

Until fairly recently, the UK’s best-known PR guru. He’s said to have worked with anyone and everyone from Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando to Z-listers such as Rebecca Loos, whose main claim to fame was embarking on an extra-marital affair with David Beckham. Clifford is currently serving an eight-year prison term for a string of indecent assaults on females ranging in age from 15 to 19. Furthermore, in his sentencing remarks, the judge presiding over the trial stated that he was sure the Public Relations maestro had also sexually abused a 12-year-old girl whilst on holiday in Spain, but that this allegation could not be pursued in the British courts even though evidence for it was presented to the jury during the case.


Clifford’s career in PR began in the early Sixties when he accepted an offer of a job as a Press-publicist at record-company, ‘EMI.’ He’s since recalled, “the first task I was given when I joined EMI in October 1962 was to promote a new group whose first single was about to come out. The single in question was called ’Love Me Do’ by a then unknown group called, The Beatles.” He also claims to have been with the band on their historic maiden-journey to the US for their first ever concert-tour there. “It was in February 1964,” he states. “I accompanied The Beatles to the United States. As we were touching down at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, we saw hundreds of kids waiting below. George Harrison turned to me and said, ‘look at all those people down there. There must be someone famous flying in.’ It turned out of course, that they were all screaming for them. I felt incredibly lucky to be there and see The Beatles adventure evolve.”

* Michael McCartney


Younger brother of Beatle Paul, he achieved a modicum of Pop-music success himself during the 1960s with The Scaffold, a band in which he performed under his alternative name, Mike McGear. In 2006, he was cleared of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old waitress at a family party. She’s said to have accused him of placing his hand over her trousers and then moving it from her thigh to her bottom. He’s reported to have denied this, arguing that he merely touched her back in a “fatherly gesture.”

* Rolf Harris

Already mentioned, he appeared onstage with The Beatles during their Christmas show of ‘63 / ‘64 which was, according to the book ‘The Beatles Diary Volume 1’ by author and Paul McCartney’s very old friend, Barry Miles, “designed for children.” Harris also found the time during a BBC radio-interview at the tail-end of 1963 to record an impromptu musical collaboration with the group – a re-working of an earlier hit novelty-single of his, ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport’…

* Wilfrid Brambell


Actor who is best-known for his role as Harold Steptoe in the hugely successful British TV sit-com of the 1960s and ‘70s, ‘Steptoe and Son.’ In 1964 he took on the role of Paul McCartney’s fictional grandfather in The Beatles’ debut movie, ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’ One thing I certainly recall from my pre-teen years in the late 1970s and early ‘80s is the little mutterings I’d hear in the classroom from my school-mates every now and again about ‘Steptoe the kiddie-fiddler’ and such-like. In 2012 came this article from ‘The Telegraph’ centring on Brambell‘s alleged activities on the island of Jersey, situated between France and Britain…

Brambell… allegedly abused two boys in a theatre in Jersey at the height of his fame in the 1970s.

One of the alleged victims was a resident at the notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home which was at the centre of a high-profile police investigation into historical child-abuse on the island in 2008.

He claimed to have been taken to the island’s main theatre, the Opera House, as a “treat” before being taken backstage to meet Brambell, who he accuses of molesting him in a back-room. large

The second victim, who had not been a Haut de la Garenne resident, also claimed to have been abused by Brambell at the theatre. The alleged victims were aged 12-13 at the time. 

Brambell, who died in 1985, was homosexual and had a criminal-record for “persistently importuning for an immoral purpose” in a public lavatory dating from 1962.

Brambell became a household name in the 1960s and ‘70s when he appeared alongside Harry H. Corbett in ‘Steptoe and Son,’ in which he played a scruffy rag and bone man constantly derided by his on-screen son as a “dirty old man.”


He also appeared in The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night, playing Paul McCartney’s grand-father, after being hand-picked for the role by the singer.

The allegations were made to former Jersey health minister, Stuart Syvret, the most outspoken critic of the island’s failure to deal with child-abuse when the Haute de la Garenne scandal erupted…

He was contacted by dozens of people who had been abused on the island, some of whom named Jimmy Savile as one of their abusers.”

Which brings us rather neatly back onto the man himself…

* Jimmy Savile

A couple of years or so prior to the Beatles’ Christmas shows – when the band were still relatively unknown – Savile had booked them to perform at a nightclub he ran in Manchester. Or so he claimed. He’s reported to have said, “the first time they travelled over from Liverpool and got a fiver (five pounds) for the whole gig, and they went down well. So they came back (and) got £15.”

1964 14-2

In the wake of the Savile revelations breaking into the mainstream back in 2012, McCartney went public about his and The Beatles’ relationship with the paedophile. “It’s very difficult to talk about it,” he said in an interview that year. “The thing is, we knew Jimmy and we worked with him, he was a DJ, an MC on some of the shows. We were working in Yorkshire and we were still living in Liverpool. And we were coming back from a gig and he came in our van over the Pennines. We gave him a lift. He told us all these stories about his wartime exploits how he had been buying chewing-gum and nylons and all that, and selling them. He had all sorts of stuff going on. He was the older hustler guy, and we were very amused by these stories because he was a great entertainer, but we dropped him off at his place outside his house and we said, ‘can we come in for a coffee?’ and he said, ‘oh no, not tonight lads.’ When he’d gone we thought, ‘why doesn’t he let us in, what is it, because most people would have let us in that we gave a lift to?’ So we always thought there was something a little bit suspect.” The former Beatle then said, “more generally, then, the whole sort of scene was not so PC… that post-war boom, girls and guys, it was a much more open scene… free love and the Pill had just come in, so it was a completely different scene. The other aspect, of course, is that we, though not quite Jimmy, we were of the age of the girls, we were all young. So if you’re now talking about a 17, 18-year-old boy with a 15-year-old girl, we all knew that was illegal, so we didn’t do it. We tried to make sure. We couldn’t always be sure but there was a definite no-no involved in under-age kids. Hey, listen, we didn’t have to worry. There were plenty of over-16-year-olds.”

McCartney, ever the publicist and PR-conscious guy that he is, looks to be protesting too much there – or have I read it wrong? I get the impression from that interview that maybe he’s trying to justify his and The Beatles’ past sexual exploits for the benefit of easing his own conscience – let alone to prevent any potential mud of a particularly nasty nature from sticking to the band’s public reputation. Back in 1964 a sum of $10,000 was said to have been paid by the group’s management to the mother of two underage teenage girls in a bid to stop her from going to the American Press after she complained that both her daughters had been “detained” in John Lennon’s hotel-suite in Las Vegas during the first – and crucially-important – concert-tour of the US by The Beatles. According to Ivor Davis a British journalist who accompanied them on that trip in his capacity as reporter for The Express newspaper, “the road-managers working with The Beatles on the tour were supposed to vet the girls before letting them in, and they did for the most part. But when a pretty girl came along nobody asked, ’do you have a passport?’ So these underage girls were allowed through with the mother’s consent. She came back a bit drunk from a casino sometime later, and demanded to be let up to the suite. When she was refused by security, the woman got royally pissed off, called the cops and said, ’my daughters are being held against their will in The Beatles’ suite.’ The cops came to investigate and they did find the underage girls with John Lennon. John insisted to them that nothing untoward had happened.”

The same incident in that Las Vegas hotel was recounted by veteran American broadcast-journalist, Larry Kane in his book, ‘Lennon Revealed.’ Same as Ivor Davis, he travelled beside The Beatles on their ‘64 tour of America. He states:

The Beatles, carefully watched by manager Brian Epstein and fiercely protected by road-managers Neil Aspinall and Malcolm Evans, plus travelling Press-manager Derek Taylor, were usually prudent in their selection of after-hours playmates. I never once saw an underage girl brought to The Beatles’ rooms. Except for the leaders of local fan-clubs, who cheerfully greeted them in the dressing-rooms in most cities for autographs or pictures, underage girls were never allowed near The Beatles. The band scrupulously avoided situations that might compromise their image and their success. But on one sultry night, or early morning depending on your own body-clock, that strict code of avoiding underage women was violated in a most dangerous way. And John was at the centre of it.

A heavy knock sounded on my door around 5 am, startling me out of sleep. The face in the doorway was that of Malcolm Evans… his eyes showed concern, and his features were contorted in anguish. I will never forget his words:

“We need you down in the lobby. There’s been a spot of trouble with John. Can you put on a tie and a jacket?”

What could it be? I couldn’t figure it out, but I knew that whatever it was, the stakes were high.

In the hallway, Evans was joined by Derek Taylor and Neil Aspinall. They explained that a dangerous situation was afoot. Twin sisters were in John Lennon’s room, catching autographs and posing for pictures with Lennon. They were part of a group of fans that had penetrated security. Most of the visitors had left, but these girls were sleeping on the second bed in John’s room.

“It’s all quite proper,” Derek Taylor said. “Not a damn thing happened in there.”

Derek added, “their mother is in the lobby, demanding to know what they’re doing up there, and we need you to go and tell her everything is proper.

“Where are the girls?” I asked. Malcolm winced. Neil said nothing. Derek gave me the answer with a finger that pointed down the hallway.

The door to John’s room was not locked. Derek opened it. John was dozing on the bed, his eyes half-open. The twin sisters rested on the edge of the second bed, their eyes glazing at the TV on the bureau.

It was then I understood the magnitude of the potential problem.

“Why me? I’m not going to be part of any lying,” I said.

“There’s nothing to lie about. They just came in to visit,” Derek insisted.

I turned and asked, “why me?”

Derek answered, “you’re a reporter. You look trustworthy.”

I made it clear that I would trust his word, but refused to play any part in a whitewash.

Mal Evans and I took the elevator to the lobby. We approached a woman in her mid-thirties who appeared to be shaken with worry. Where had she been while her daughters were sneaking past security to join a party with a Rock and Roll band upstairs? The casino-chips in her hand provided the most likely answer. Still, this woman also held in her hands the power to destroy the good-guy image of The Beatles.

Taking Taylor’s word, I identified myself to the mother and explained the girls’ visit as an innocent quest for pictures and autographs. Even though I declared my independence as a journalist, she wasn’t convinced. But when the elevators opened a minute later, a police officer emerged with her daughters, both of them smiling broadly and chatting excitedly about the details of John’s kindness. I was convinced. After all, how could two young girls look so innocent if a sexual encounter had taken place?

Still, there was an oddity to this episode. How did the police officer get to the room? The role of that officer has always been a mystery to me. But I do know this – a brief investigation into the matter was launched by the Las Vegas police-department. There was no follow-up.

As dawn was breaking, mother and daughter left the premises. Malcolm Evans grinned, Derek Taylor called up Brian Epstein with a status report, and then Derek and Malcolm thanked me warmly. Epstein was furious about the incident. And I still didn’t feel good about it.

“Was John messing with those kids?” I asked.

Derek said, “no.”

Was I naïve or uncaring? Neither. I just couldn’t believe that a Beatle would risk his future by getting involved with young girls in that way. But then again, John sometimes walked a fine line between earnest friendship and deceptive debauchery. Still, I was convinced this was a case of mistaken intentions.

To this day, I don’t know exactly what happened in that hotel-room. My instincts tell me it was pure innocence. The real story will never be known

In 1965, during another Beatles US tour, allegations of a similar nature popped-up again, but this time they made it straight to the Press. As the newspaper piece below and dated from August that year states, The Beatles were branded “the worst people ever” to visit Minneapolis by the city’s police-inspector, Donald R. Dwyer. Much of his criticism was focused on a party that was said to have taken place at the hotel where the band was staying. According to the article, “several members of the Beatles’ touring-party were threatened with arrest… in connection with alleged morals incidents at Leamington Motor Hotel… Dwyer said the visitors were warned after members of the party coaxed young girls from nearby sidewalks into fifth-floor hotel rooms. One of the girls, a young blonde, emerged from McCartney’s night-chain-locked room after police informed the tour-manager that McCartney would be jailed unless the girl was out of the room within two minutes. Dwyer said the girl produced identification to prove she was 21… ‘I doubt she is older than 16,’ Dwyer said. In all, more than 10 girls ranging from 15 to 20 years of age, were flushed out of the 20 rooms reserved for the Beatles’ entourage.”


So, there you have it for now; a list of names, a few ‘coincidences,’ and some rather questionable episodes in the Beatles’ touring schedules. What to make of all this – well, I wish I knew of course. I don’t have a theory, I don’t have a conclusion – just a bunch of info and ‘a feeling.’ I don’t know what to make of it.

At best, I suppose, this article will serve as a useful reference-point for folk who’re looking for information relating to this kind of subject-matter. It might even unlock some mysteries for some, or point others in the direction they need to go to find  answers they’re looking for in regards to something that’s maybe unrelated. If it achieves any of that, I’ll be satisfied.

Let me know your views and ideas on any of this.

Until the next time, then…



YouTube: Jimmy Savile Takes Young Girl To Prince Phillip

YouTube: Piers Morgan’s Life Stories S07E07 – Jimmy Tarbuck







6 thoughts on “Beatle Paeple.

  1. Is it just me? An article that admits there is no actual evidence, an article that admits to scrambling around on the Internet for a couple of weeks, that works on the basis that it’s a “feeling” with nothing to support it. It names a number of people who have been convicted, a couple who were investigated but not charged with any offence and a dead actor who can’t answer back. And Saville. Then it mentions the Beatles in the most torturous connection possible ( even then accepting that these folk may well have met them as they were famous and the Beatles were the biggest thing on the planet) Then it drags up a tale about John that cannot be proved either way,Then……mentions it’s ace in the hole, The piece de resistance. That a couple of people had homes in Portugal “where the Madelaine McCann incident took place” which is the equivalent of saying the Beatles played in Germany – the country that invented WW2. I despair. The tone of the argument appears to be- They were at it. You know that don’t you. Couched in a nice wrapper of “I can’t prove anything ” No where near good enough. If you have anything to bring, bring it. But really. I’m not being rude.I really don’t mean to mock. I aren’t even saying your instincts are unfounded. I don’t know. But I don’t see the point of the article if it’s just completely unsubstantiated. Don’t get me wrong, please. But explain why this is so patchwork as to say nothing at length.


    1. Hello Drizanunz. Thanks for your comments, and I’m no way in the least offended by them. I certainly don’t feel that you’re mocking me or being rude either. Far from it.

      Any way, you’re not wrong in your view that this article is based on a “feeling.” I’m stating that myself in the article – although my “feeling” isn’t wholly based on info I’ve picked up whilst ‘scrabbling around on the internet for a couple of weeks.’

      I certainly don’t want you to feel that you’ve been robbed of many minutes of your life by reading this article in the expectation that you’d come across something ‘juicy’ and/or substantial. However, don’t forget, in the article, I state from the get-go I’ve had or have got nothing revelatory to reveal – just a “feeling.” If any one should choose to carry on reading after that, then they have – in some respects – already been warned that there’ll be no revelations, I think. Incidentally, in general terms, don’t underestimate the power of “a feeling,” or, in other words, ‘intuition,’ a gut (good) feeling.

      Any way… with regards to that “feeling.” I’m certainly not out to imply – in sugar-coated wrapper form or any other form – that they were – in your words – “at it.” Why? Well for many reasons. Firstly because I’m not willing to go throwing about wild bare-faced/worded accusations of that nature with – as you state yourself – ‘no evidence.’

      Secondly, my “feeling” isn’t reliant on the premise that they were ‘at it’ (believe it or not). Certainly, many of those closely linked to them either professionally or personally (or both) were ‘at it’ or were alleged to have been. That in itself intrigues me, but shouldn’t suggest the band were in cahoots. For example, the US newspaper article I feature in the article cites the Beatles’ entourage as being involved in a party where 15 to 20 year olds were in attendance. As for the allegations regarding McCartney in that story?… Well, it could well be that the police chief was blowing this up for his own self-publicity? I’m happy to look at all possibilities here, which is why I don’t jump to wild accusations or conclusions in any direction. All I’m doing is documenting the reasons behind my “feeling” and then allowing the reader to take a look at the info and making up their own mind as to what the hell was going on there (and perhaps adding their own ideas in the ‘comments’ section). However, I do feel that Macca was over-arguing his case in that interview he gave about Savile to an ‘Independent’ newsapaper reporter (The reporter in the article is quoted as not being overly convinced by Macca’s argument that – back in the ’60s – everyone was checking girls’ ages before having sex with them *** The interview is available in the ‘Reference Links’ section – and here also:

      It’s certainly looking increasingly clear as the years roll by and the 1960s becomes a longer, more distanced memory that the music-biz was infested with a shady bunch of gangsters, sex-predators, Satanists, and people with questionable backgrounds in all manner of other spheres in society. As a result, it just might be the case that, to make it in the music-biz, you had to accept this – irrespective of whether you yourself wanted to take a part in it or not. An example? Look what happened when Savile was busted. All of a sudden all those lovely cuddly BBC TV and radio-stars came out in public and said, “of course, we all knew he was up to no good.” So… why wasn’t he busted earlier? Why didn’t any of these guys report him to the police? It went on for almost 50 years!

      As to the point of this article, as you ask? Well, maybe there isn’t one as such. That’s what blogs are about, aren’t they? – People putting forward their thoughts and opinions – and not necessarily for any real reason than just to share them with others? I certainly put that forward in my ‘About’ page on the site.

      Any way. Thanks for your comments.


  2. Hey there, thank you for writing this. There indeed are some pretty shady characters surrounding the Beatles camp- Savile perhaps being the most notorious- but that is just the beginning of the list.
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention this article-
    Which, during the yewtree investigations uncovered a ‘restricted’ memo (since destroyed I gather) regarding Savile and a ‘unnamed popular British pop group’ visiting a brothel used for a child trafficking ring in Battersea. With a bit of snooping, I found that Mervyn Conn also had connections to this same brothel as well. Of course Conn, went on to brag to his alleged victims how close he was with the Beatles- as you have already pointed out.
    Anyway, thanks again. I hope nothingnefarious is going on in regards to the Beatles… totally circumstantial at this point of course- but worth noting.


    1. Hey dizzy, thanks for your input on this subject (and the compliments)! Yeah, I was aware of the Yewtree memo but I thought it best not to include it because it is a little bit too far into the realms of the ‘alleged.’ If you’ll notice, the names I note in the article (and the connections) have been accepted to be factual or at least credible to some strong degree. Thing is, I’m not too sold on the notion that some share that the ‘unnamed British Pop group’ was The Beatles. It could have been any band – and there were so many to choose from back then too. What I wasn’t aware of was Mervyn Conn’s reported connection to the brothel that you note. That’s most interesting! Of course, he’s since been found guilty of the allegations made against him during his trial and has been imprisoned for a total of 15 years. Ouch!
      All of this info in ‘Beatle Paeple’ is – as you point out – merely circumstantial, and I for one don’t want to assume that the band was complicit in some form of nefariousness. Aside from the fact that there’s no proof, I think it’s also highly irresponsible to go around making such accusations. Maybe we shouldn’t forget that we’re writing about people here – real people with real lives and real feelings. I’ve recently come to the realisation that we folk who write, blog and debate within the so-called ‘Alternative community’ leave little room for this kind of consideration. Perhaps that’s irresponsible? Is this how we should be conducting ourselves? I dunno.

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      1. I completely agree, in this line of writing and subject matter- I run into this dilemma often (as I am sure you do as well) do I talk about this? Do I leave it be and not ask questions? Etc etc. With all of this “fake news” stuff going around we especially need to be careful. But it is also important to raise questions where questions need to be raised. It is up to you and me and everyone else (IMO) on an individual basis to think critically about the information we are given- whether it be from the mainstream media, “alternative news”, a online blogger site, or from your next door neighbor Joe-so-and-so.
        This is a very serious subject- I would never want to accuse anyone of anything ever… that’s not my place anyway. But whatever happened to “if you see something, say something”??
        Thanks again. I am looking forward to reading more from you soon!


  3. I am also suspecting (again totally speculative at this time) that the Beatles (namely John) may have actually been victims in this ploy originally. We know John had a messed-up childhood, and though there may be something more to be said there- the thing that is concerning me at this point is their time in Hamburg. A group of men were lassoing up young boys from Liverpool and shipping them off (often times underage) to the red light district of Hamburg. Could totally be innocent, but there were more boys being sent there than just the Beatles… but for whatever reason, when the Beatles returned to Liverpool, they suddenly skyrocketed into super stardom.
    Again, totally speculative- but sometimes you have to wonder. What was “Strawberry Fields Forever” really about anyway? (Strawberry field being a orphanage in Liverpool) hmm…
    Anyway, your site has good information, and definitely something to keep in mind.

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