What have The Beatles, Jesus Christ and 9/11 got in common?…

As you may very well be aware, these last few days has seen the rolling-out of ‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years,’ a new movie-documentary directed by Oscar-winning Ron Howard. It follows the band’s live-performance career starting from their days in the Cavern Club in Liverpool in 1962 through to their final concert in San Francisco four years later. What you might not know about though are the reports of a factual feature-film currently in the making that’ll focus – it’s said – on John Lennon’s ‘Beatles bigger than Jesus Christ’ statement in 1966 and its repercussions. Details are sketchy at the moment although, from what I’m being led to understand via a couple of sources on the internet, it’ll be titled, ‘Bigger Than Jesus. The Controversy That Changed America,’ and will feature new contributions from Maureen Cleave the journalist who was interviewing the Beatle when he made the comment, and Tony Barrow, the band’s PR-man at the time, and who recently passed away aged 80.


Just for the sake of context, here’s what we’re told happened back then by the mainstream (although I reckon the majority of readers here are well drilled on this)… During a casual interview with Cleave for the newspaper the ‘London Evening Standard,’ Lennon was quoted as saying, “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that; I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now, I don’t know which will go first – Rock ‘n’ Roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It‘s them twisting it that ruins it for me.” These comments went by without a fuss from readers in Britain, but when they were reprinted in a teen magazine in the US, all hell (pardon the pun) was let loose, especially in the so-called ‘Bible-belt’ of the country. A number of radio-stations there banned The Beatles’ music as a result, and their records were thrown onto bonfires by angry teenagers at designated ‘burn-in’ points. When the band arrived in North America for a concert tour in amongst all this controversy, they were subjected to disturbances and threats, most notably from the Ku Klux Klan. hqdefault-1So tense was the atmosphere during this time that there were concerns for John’s life when, at a concert in Memphis, Tennessee, a firecracker was set off on the stage prompting members of The Beatles to look towards Lennon’s direction in fear he’d been shot. At Press conference after Press conference on the tour, he repeatedly insisted his comments to Cleave had been wildly misunderstood; He wasn’t claiming he and his band-mates were better than Jesus Christ, only that Christianity and church attendances in Britain had been dwindling to alarming levels, especially amongst the young who were instead turning to Pop-culture for their nourishment. In one exchange with a journalist, he claimed his comments were “expressions on things that I’d just read and derived about Christianity.”

Let’s pause at this point to consider briefly what he was said to have been reading around the time of his interview with Cleave, namely the book, ‘The Passover Plot.’ Published in 1965, the author, Hugh J. Schonfield, is credited as one of the first scholars to have worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Lennon’s quoted as saying, “my views on Christianity are directly influenced by… The Passover Plot… The premise in it is that Jesus’ message had been garbled by his disciples and twisted for a variety of self-serving reasons by those who followed, to the point where it has lost validity for many in the modern age.” The book claims that Jesus orchestrated his own martyrdom by planning his arrest, crucifixion – and – his resurrection. This he did by arranging to be drugged on the cross thus giving the impression that he was dead. Once being taken down and revived from his unconsciousness it would appear to those not in the know that he‘d come back to life. Well, that was the plan. It backfired however and he did indeed end up dying. There’ll be plenty of time to analyse the book and the purported influence it had on Lennon (and possibly, The Beatles) in future articles. What is worth pointing out here though is that what we have in ‘The Passover Plot’ is a false-flag of sorts – a staged event in order to manipulate the masses. Some might argue that John’s ‘bigger than Christ’ statement was itself a Passover plot designed to degrade Christianity amongst the younger population in preparation for the oncoming New Age-heavy One World religion, a movement that will have been largely instigated in the western-world thanks to the huge influence of The Beatles and their public endorsement of the Indian guru, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in August 1967, a point in time when mainstream popular media, music and movies was embracing the LSD-soaked psychedelia of the so-called ‘counter-culture’ – yet another alleged ingredient in the globalists’ plot to destabilise and corrupt the minds of the youth of that era – and of course With A Little Help from The Beatles. If that’s the way you see things then you might very well find some interest in the following caption from the official FaceBook page of the documentary-makers. They make note of the “strange coincidence” regarding the band’s last ever concert that took place at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park…


The Beatles’ so-called ‘cute’ and ‘lovable mop-top’ image was largely representative of their touring years which, of course, came to an end in August 1966 in San Francisco, the city that, within less than a year from then, would be the focus of the Acid-drenched counter-cultural movement that John, Paul, George and Ringo would become global figureheads of and provide a soundtrack to with the ‘Sgt. Pepper’ album. ‘Coincidence’ or not, there is something rather symbolic in that and in what the documentary-makers are pointing out in their FaceBook caption.

But what do they mean exactly by “strange coincidence”? Surely they’re not implying that it was too coincidental to be true – that the transition from the era of adorable, delightful mop-tops to counter-cultural revolutionaries was too smooth, too perfect to have been an organic, natural occurrence and that it was, in actual fact, not accidental, but orchestrated to happen in that way? Is that what they’re suggesting? Well, personally, I don’t know. Maybe they are? But, does that then mean their forthcoming film will follow that route of inquiry as well? In my opinion?… No, I don‘t think so. Well, certainly not based on what I’ve read on their FaceBook page, with the exception of the above caption of course. As far as I can see, there’s nothing there to indicate that these guys will be seriously challenging the official version of events – especially when you take into account another factor, one that takes us back to the subject of false-flags again. You see, it turns out the producer of the upcoming film is Dave Long, a man whose credits include almost half a dozen mainstream media-friendly documentaries about 9/11, and mainstream enough it seems to have guaranteed most if not all of them screenings on ‘The History Channel’ in the US and on the UK’s official narrative-spewing ‘Channel 4.’

Dave Long and Maureen Cleave pictured recently

All’s not so bad though. Having watched the majority of these films myself, I must point out that there’s very little to nothing in any of them that I, as a ‘conspiratorially-minded’ individual, find to be truly offensive. Yes, they toe the line with regards to the well-worn US/UK Governments-backed version of events, but only as a backdrop to deeply personal, human stories that tell of heroic New York fire-fighters risking life and limb, or of the frightened people they’re trying to save from the burning, teetering twin towers – as well as the relationships sometimes forged between the two. There’s absolutely no mention of or reference in any of the films I’ve seen to Islamic terrorists, men on hijacked planes with box-cutters, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, the so-called ‘War on Terror’ or anything else of a geo-political nature. One of the documentaries, ‘The Man Who Predicted 9/11’ for example, focuses solely on Rick Rescoria. He was the director of security of ‘Morgan Stanley’ at the World Trade Center at the time of the attacks and he’d been warning for years in the wake of the original bombings in the underground garage of the twin towers in 1993 that should there ever be a strike on either of the two buildings in future, it would only be possible to achieve successfully from the air, not the land. As a result, we’re told, he spent much of his time working on and implementing evacuation procedures that are credited with saving many lives during the 9/11 attacks. He himself died that day as he was helping people out to safety.

So, while we shouldn’t expect a radically shocking Alternative view from Dave Long and his forthcoming Beatles documentary, I don’t think we should anticipate anything of an inferior or, for whatever reason, offensive quality either – In fact, on the contrary I think. Here’s a teaser-video for it:

It can also be seen on the documentary-makers’ FaceBook page:


And in the meantime, whilst we wait-on for its release, here’s a ‘Beatles bigger than Jesus’ film that was made earlier – back in 1966 in fact, right in the middle of that controversy that followed the band as it toured through the United States. From what I can gather, it was produced and transmitted by the British TV news-provider, ‘ITN’ (‘Independent Television News’)…















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2 thoughts on “What have The Beatles, Jesus Christ and 9/11 got in common?…

  1. Very interesting!
    I never made the connection between the Beatles last concert and the Haight-Ashbury “counter-culture” movement that took off less than a year later! I too have been trying to connect the dots in this area… getting closer. Keep up the good work!


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