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In case you don’t know of me already, I’ll introduce myself here. My name’s Matt Sergiou – the author and proprietor of this site. I used to make my living as a professional news-journalist back in the day, albeit quite briefly (for about two or three years back in the late ’90s/early 2000s). My main occupation’s been as a club/radio DJ with over thirty years experience. I’m also a lifelong Beatles fan, and I’ve followed and studied the band’s career closely since childhood.

As you’ll see from the ‘menu’ section at the top of this site, there’s an ‘About’ page here, so if you’re looking to check out a bit more about what you can expect here at ‘The Occult Beatles,’ that’s a good place to start I s’pose! All the articles on this site are in the ‘Articles’ section (no surprise there!), and there’s also the section ‘Magical Mystery Talk,’ where you’ll find a series of regular podcasts on topical Beatles-related news with an alternative/occult/conspiratorial twist.